Responsible Lending and Marketing strives to familiarize consumers like you and help protect from unfair and illegal lending practices. We encourage you to review your particular lending partner's policies as interest rates, requirements on repayments, and consequences of late or non-payment may vary.

Late Payments

It is important that you understand the consequences of making late payments. Each lending partner has its own terms and conditions for the loan and repayment of such, which we strongly encourage you to review before borrowing. Late payments have the potential to result in fees and penalties.

Non-Payment recommends you pay your bills when they are due. Each lending partner that we work with hs their own terms and conditions for the implications of missing a payment. Non-payment typically results in collection procedures against you and you will no longer be able to receive any more loans from the lending partner.

State Regulations requires all of its lending partners abide by state and federal laws governing lending. lending partners in our network charge fees and interest rates in accordance to regulatory measures enacted by governments, state or federal.


If you miss a payment and do not attempt to quickly resolve the issue, you will likely have your loan subject to collections. You will be contacted via phone, email and regular mail. If you do not respond, an external collections agency will likely be used. Each lending partner has different collections policies which can be found in your lending partners terms and conditions.

Please consult your lending partner for more details.